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To think through images.

Nature moves me.
My photos are encounters that happen in nature and are also research.
This is where this new series that I present at BAPhoto starts.
I start from an idea that allows me to reflect:

"To see something you have to understand it...
If we really saw the universe, maybe we would understand it."
Jorge Luis Borges

Since I can remember I have taken photos, and many times with a macro lens. I enter worlds of silence, small, almost invisible, and I see images with difficulty within drops, sometimes they are also particles on other surfaces.

This process is not comfortable, many times I can't get my machine to give me the focus I need because I get too close. I can't use a tripod since it hinders the situation, but almost without breathing so as not to move the camera I keep trying. I speak to my camera asking for patience to get to see what I don't see. I feel powerless... when I'm about to get frustrated, then suddenly the light comes on and I agree. It was from this search that I began to thank my photo machine. And I went on to my computer that allowed me to see that world of the great of the minuscule in another size.

Analyzing this topic that captivates me, thanks to my dear philosophy professor Florencio Noceti, I met Mr. Leibniz. "Met" would be a rather broad term. I found out about its existence. And I became interested in his story. He was the first person who thought of microscopy. Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716), "Each portion of matter can be conceived as a garden full of plants and a pond full of fish. But each branch of a plant, each limb of an animal, each drop of its humours, is still a garden or a pond...» So it happens and so it is. Before him, only "existed" what our eyes registered. But thanks to the machine, we see more. We access more. I see the same thing in my daily work. Both in photography and in education. The use of the tool is another matter. For me it was a discovery that gave me relief and surprise at the same time. This romance of man with nature and the machine interests me.

These are my first steps. And suddenly I see everything from there. I found myself thanking this gentleman to Leibniz. To the machine. To mine! That allows me to see further. And also show something that is not seen in plain sight.

I begin to think through images.


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This series "To think through images" arises from there. Get inside a drop. And also to deepen the colors that I don't know of a rose.

I was aware that it is what today generates curiosity in me immersed in the rhythm of nature. And also from certain internal noises that always force me to deepen what I don't understand.

I discover that the machine allows me to access the privacy of nature. I am eagerly approaching a small infinite world full of color. The romance between the machine, the rose and the man is born.

I'm in the south and for the first time I search knowing that the machine is my microscope. Something I already used that way but never understood.

Accessing hidden places motivates me... discovering a palette without a name takes my breath away. Thinking of color combinations that I could never create gives me pleasure. Having nature as a partner and ally amuses me and allows me once again to understand how small I am. I know my limitations.

She, nature, unites colors that cannot be named and amalgamates them in a masterful way. Suddenly I am a listener in the best chair in the universe. With some anxiety and expectation I dive into the rose, capture it and run away, if I ran away. With a gift that I didn't want him to get hurt. And this time I went to my big screen. I enter the time machine because I can slow it down. I understand that today everything changed. What I see are the colors of yesterday. But I was able to retain them and I pay tribute to them. I can share them. I can capture that moment that contains that color in an image. The machine allows me to follow the same route that I learned to do, and it also gives me the possibility to continue investigating, deepening, sharpening and gaining access.

I'll keep an eye out for this particular fractal of the universe.

And there arise these new drawings that rub shoulders with others and that I do not think or choose. I can only discover them. My place is limited and it is very good that it is so. It's enough. Thanks!

“We are something essentially mysterious”
Jorge Luis Borges

How not to return to him? I have the power to think. And I do this through images.

From an image of nature with the active participation of the machine I was able to find new colors. And suddenly I feel that I can also do something else.

I remember an image of nature that I have kept in an almost stingy way for a long time. It's hard for me to show it and I don't know why. But I go straight there. To my drops And I want to give a message. Was the photo waiting for me to fulfill this role? I am romantic. Can be.

I choose to intervene that image of nature with something that I think about very passionately. The graffiti verb is conditional as is the future. It depends on each one. "Human can be wonderful." He has the power to be within him and also if he wants to, he can start now.

Putting together a graffiti on an image of drops was something that I subsequently needed to investigate this relationship. The work is a call to action / call to action. The human is. We are alive. And he can. He is immensely rich in his tools and possibilities. The graffiti verb is conditional as is the future. It depends on each one every day.

Power: having something or someone the ability to do something. The human is capable of 

This work questions She wants to be able to activate whoever "sees" her. It can be that graffiti that seeks to get your attention or go deep, from the essence of the human being.

It depends on each one. Or it also depends on the moment.

I am fascinated with Jorge Luis Borges in the role of his philosopher. He, in one of his fragments, says that inventing and discovering in Latin mean the same thing. In the series "To think through images" both things happen to me.

Constanza Oxenford / FARIAO



Sara Sahores 


Constanza Oxenford / FARIAO

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